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Furniture Restoration and Repair for Carrollton, TX


The furniture repair and restoration services we provide include but are not limited to the following:

When you call RestorationMaster, we will repair, restore, or enhance your furniture for much less than the cost of replacing it.  If you have a worn out or damaged piece of furniture, do not replace it yet because there is a possibility that our technicians can save it.  We can return your furniture to its original condition by repairing surface damage like gouges and stains and restoring the original finish, or we can give your furniture a fresh new look with a new paint job or finish.  Our on-site repair services can be scheduled at times that are convenient for you and our low-odor water-based products will not disrupt your home or business.

You can reach RestorationMaster at 888-915-8868 for furniture restoration and repair services in Carrollton, TX and the surrounding areas.  We guarantee that we will repair or restore your furniture to a pristine condition and we can also work with your insurance.

Cabinet Repair and Restoration – Carrollton, TX

The cabinets are a prominent feature of a home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, and they have a major effect on the appearance of the space.  With everyday use, wooden cabinets can show signs of wear and tear including scratches and other surface marks and a worn-out finish.  Replacing cabinets is quite expensive because this requires replacing the cabinet doors and drawers as well as the boxes that these parts connect to.  It is much more cost effective to repair, restore, or reface the cabinets.  RestorationMaster provides cabinet repair and restoration services in Carrollton, TX to restore the look of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.  We can repair minor damage to the cabinet doors and drawers and restore their finish or reface the cabinet doors and drawers with new materials.

Furniture Repair and Restoration – Carrollton, TX

Replacing furniture such as dining room sets and living room sets can be quite expensive.  Some pieces of furniture you might not want to replace including family heirlooms and antiques.  When the furniture in your home becomes damaged or worn out, you can avoid costly replacements by having the furniture repaired and restored by an expert.  At RestorationMaster, we provide furniture repair and restoration services in Carrollton, TX to repair and restore all types of furniture.  Our technicians can repair structural damage and surface damage like scratches and stains, and we can apply a new finish or paint job to restore its original appearance or create a fresh, bold look.

Furniture and Cabinet Painting – Carrollton, TX

Over time, the paint job or finish on wood furniture will wear out or become faded, affecting the look of the piece.  If the furniture is not damaged, then it can be revitalized with a new paint job or the application of a new finish.  RestorationMaster provides furniture and cabinet painting services in Carrollton, TX to revitalize the look of furniture with a worn-out finish or paint job.  We offer a variety of paint colors and finishes for you to choose from and our products are water based with low odor.

Upholstery Cleaning – Carrollton, TX

Daily use of your furniture will cause the upholstery to gather dust and debris and become stained.  This will not only diminish the appearance of your furniture, but also lead to wear and tear of the upholstery fabric.  Accumulated dirt and debris will cause the upholstery to wear out and fade and some hard debris is abrasive against the surface which will contribute to deterioration.  It is important to have the upholstery professionally cleaned to maintain the appearance of your furniture and help extend the life of the upholstery.  RestorationMaster provides professional upholstery cleaning services in Carrollton, TX to clean and restore all types of furniture upholstery.  We can also repair upholstery that has been damaged by tears and holes.

On-Site Furniture Repair – Carrollton, TX

If you have large furniture that needs to be refinished or repaired, such as china cabinets, dining room tables, or couches, taking these furniture pieces to a professional is impractical.  Many furniture repair and restoration services can be done on-site in homes and commercial buildings with minimal interruption.  RestorationMaster provides on-site repair services in Carrollton, TX to repair and restore furniture for homes and businesses.  Our technicians will arrive at a scheduled time that is convenient for you and we will complete the entire repair process on-site.