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Hoarding Cleanup Company in Charlotte, NC 28269


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While many individuals can easily recognize a home full of clutter and call it hoarding, the individual who lives in that home often times does not. In fact, they have become accustomed to the situation as they struggle to battle an overpowering anxiety that disallows them to part with their belongings. This mental disorder is commonly known as hoarding.

If you have a loved one who struggles with hoarding and lives in the Charlotte, NC area, don’t hesitate to reach out to them regarding hoarding cleanup services with RestorationMaster. Our professionals have years of experience and work with compassion and respect for the individual, but they must willingly accept the help before we can proceed.

Reaching Out to the Loved One

When personal belongings have accumulated within the home for an extended period of time, there are often health and safety risks involved. These include fire, slip-and-trip, and health hazards caused by mold growth. While the items will vary for each individual, they can include any of the following and more: books, magazines, newspapers, antiques, CDs, records, trash, and even animals. In the case that there are too many pets, biohazards often create unhealthy conditions for both the individual and the animals themselves.

As a trusted friend or family member, it is up to you to reach out for their sake. As they often become embarrassed or aren’t even aware of the reality of their situation, they may not take action themselves. So when speaking to them, help them to understand that you want to improve their living situation and will require involving a cleaning service.

Hoarding Cleaning

Over the years, RestorationMaster has perfected a method that has proven to work with various individuals affected by hoarding. They consist of all of the following:

  • Established Relationship Based on Respect: Before inspecting the home, our technicians will work to develop a relationship with the affected individual. It is imperative to work with compassion and respect as they must not see our cleaning service as an invasion of their privacy.
  • Removal of Unwanted Items: After a mutual relationship has been developed, we will put your loved one in charge, letting them know that nothing will be discarded without their approval. The items will then be separated into groups according to items that will be kept, thrown away, or donated.
  • Decontamination and Sanitation: After all items have been sorted and the unwanted items are removed from the home, RestorationMaster will begin the decontamination process. All biohazards (if any), mold, and odors will be removed from the building materials and furnishings. Using advanced equipment and products, our technicians will restore the property to a clean and safe environment.
  • Follow Up Appointments: After the cleanup job is complete and the affected individual is satisfied with the service, we will schedule follow up appointments to ensure that the house is maintained and cleaned. If necessary, we can schedule additional cleaning appointments.

While many of us view a hoarder’s home as repulsive and unbearable, it is essential to consider the viewpoint of the affected individual. As they suffer from a severe mental anxiety, they are not able to throw away their belongings, causing them to accumulate within the home. Therefore, they must be approached with compassion and respect before starting the cleanup process. That’s why RestorationMaster always uses the process described above.

RestorationMaster is available at (704) 603-6223 in the Charlotte, NC area to provide professional hoarding cleanup services.