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Bathroom Restoration and Refinishing for Bluffton & Okatie, SC


The bathroom is used multiple times a day by every member of the household and with this repeated use, the bathtub, sink, and tile can become worn out and eventually damaged. It is important to prevent your bathroom fixtures from becoming too worn out because this will not only cause your bathroom look bad, but also leave it vulnerable to water damage and mold. RestorationMaster provides bathtub refinishing services in Bluffton and Okatie, SC as well as the surrounding areas of eastern Georgia and southeast South Carolina to repair and restore bathtubs, sinks, countertops, and tile surfaces. These services will help restore your worn out fixtures to their original condition for much less than the price of total replacement.

The services that we offer include bathtub refinishing, sink refinishing, countertop refinishing, tile refinishing, and the fabrication and installation of bathtub and shower inlays. Our refinishing services, whether for the bathtub, sink, or tile, can be completed in 1 to 2 days and our high-gloss shine gives your fixtures a like new appearance. Each service is covered under warranty that is valid for five years from the date the job is completed or for the first two service calls after the job is done.

The time and money it takes to replace a bathroom fixture such as a sink or bathtub is much higher than that for bathroom refinishing services and replacement also creates a mess in your home as the job can last for weeks. Our professionals provide effective bathtub refinishing services to restore your bathtub, shower, sink, or tile in Bluffton and Okatie, SC. You can call us for more information about our bathroom refinishing and repair services.

Countertop Refinishing in Bluffton and Okatie SC Countertop Refinishing – Bluffton and Okatie, SC

Countertops are important in kitchens and bathrooms as they provide space for storage and food preparation. With consistent use, countertops may sustain minor surface damage such as chips, stains, burns, and scratches and the finish may also wear out and affect its appearance. RestorationMaster provides countertop refinishing services in Bluffton and Okatie, SC to restore and refinish lightly damaged or worn out countertops. We can repair minor surface damage and apply a new finish that can increase the life of the countertop by as much as 15 years. Our countertop refinishing services can be done within one day for much less than replacing the countertop and our refinishing methods are safe for natural stone and laminate countertops.

Bathroom Refinishing Services in Bluffton and Okatie, SCBathtub Refinishing – Bluffton and Okatie, SC

Bathtubs and showers are used on a daily basis and as a result, they may become discolored or sustain minor damage such as holes or cracks which can cause bigger problems by allowing moisture underneath the tub. Replacing a bathtub is a long, intensive project and RestorationMaster provides bathtub refinishing services for homes in Bluffton and Okatie, SC. We can refinish bathtubs made from porcelain, acrylic, and fiberglass to restore its original appearance and the job can be done within a day as opposed to bathtub replacement which can have your home torn up for weeks.

Bathtub Shower Inlays Bluffton and Okatie, SCBathtub and Shower Inlays – Bluffton and Okatie, SC

Sometimes holes or cracks can form in bathtub and shower liners and when this happens, water can get into the cracks and cause mold or mildew to grow underneath the tub. It is important to get these cracks and holes fixed immediately but replacing the tub or shower is a lot of work just for holes in the liner. RestorationMaster fabricates and installs bathtub and shower inlays in Bluffton and Okatie, SC to cover holes and cracks that have developed in the liner. Our staff takes precise measurements of the tub or shower and uses these measurements to fabricate an inlay that will fit right over the existing liner. Installing bathtub and shower inlays is a much quicker and less intensive project than replacing the tub or shower.

Sink Refinishing in Bluffton and Okatie, SCSink Refinishing Services – Bluffton and Okatie, SC

Sinks in the kitchen and bathroom experience a lot of daily use and over time, discoloration and minor surface damage can cause sinks to appear old and worn out. RestorationMaster provides sink refinishing services in Bluffton and Okatie, SC to repair minor surface damage such as scratches and chips as well as to restore its color with a new finish. These sink refinishing services can extend the life of your sink by up to 15 years and restore its original appearance for much less than the cost of replacing your sink.

Tile Refinishing Services in Bluffton and Okatie, SC, SCTile Refinishing – Bluffton and Okatie, SC

Tile surfaces are usually found in kitchens and bathrooms and they serve a variety of purposes such as floors, walls, backsplashes, and shower surfaces. Over time, the finish on the tiles can wear out and allow dirt and mildew to adhere to the tile surfaces and grout lines, making the entire room appear dirty. RestorationMaster can clean and restore tile and grout surfaces in Bluffton and Okatie, SC with our tile refinishing services. These services begin with a thorough cleaning of the tile surface followed by the application of the new finish to protect the tiles from moisture and other debris. Replacing tiles is an intensive project that can take weeks and our tile refinishing services can restore your tile to like new condition at a much more affordable price.