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We had a home inspection and there was mold found on the show door tracks. Is this anything to be concerned about or can we give a good cleaning?

23. May 2017

It is difficult to tell if the presence of mold on the shower door tracks is a cause for larger concern or just an isolated incident of mold growth.  The good news is that it may just be an isolated incident caused by the constant presence of moisture in your shower.

Mold growth does not appear unless there is a moisture source which is why the shower is a common spot to find mold.  Therefore, small amounts of mold growing in a location such as the shower door tracks may just be a result of moisture buildup within the tracks.  When the home was inspected for mold, did they test the air? Elevated levels of mold spores in the air of your home could mean that there are problems elsewhere.  If the air in your home was tested and the mold in the shower door tracks is all they found, then this could very well be isolated growth.

The other piece of good news here is that if the shower tracks are made of metal, then the mold growth will not penetrate deeply into the surface the way it would on wood or drywall.  Try cleaning the mold with distilled white vinegar which is much safer and more effective than using bleach.  After the mold is removed, you can help prevent it by wiping the excess water from the shower tracks with a towel after each shower.  If you are concerned that you may have a bigger mold problem, you should find a professional that provides accurate mold testing to test the concentration of mold spores in the air.

For further help cleaning mold with white vinegar, check out this blog:

What is the formula for carpet cleaning pricing?

carpet cleaning - 26. April 2017

In general, companies that provide carpet cleaning services determine the pricing with a per room rate or a square footage rate.  There are also other factors like cleaning method, carpet type, and stain removal that are taken into account.  There is no industry standard formula for calculating exact prices.  The exact price and pricing method will differ between service providers.  According to HomeAdvisor, homeowners spend between $120-$234 on carpet cleaning services with costs reaching up to around $500 depending on certain factors.

Per Room

Companies that offer a per room rate charge a flat rate per room, regardless of the size of the room.   Some companies may set a maximum size for what they consider a room, meaning if you have one room that exceeds this set square footage, the company may charge you for the price of two rooms.  You must ask any company that charges a per room rate if they have a cap on the size of a room.

Square Footage

Many companies base their pricing on square footage and charge a fixed rate per square foot.  According to Angie’s List, the average rate per square foot for carpet cleaning services is between 30 and 50 cents.  Companies that price carpet cleaning this way usually send out an employee to visit your home and take measurements to provide an estimate.  Some companies will provide this estimate free of charge while others may charge to cover the travel expense.  Square footage pricing is more advantageous for people with larger homes.

Carpet Type

The type of carpeting also factors into carpet cleaning pricing.  Berber carpet is easier to clean than other types which means that the cleaning will cost less.  Cotton and wool carpeting is the most difficult to clean, and therefore most expensive.  When looking for a carpet cleaning service provider, make sure you mention the type of carpeting in your home and ask how they price for that specific type of carpeting.

Additional Services

Additional services like stain removal and Scotchgard protection will add to the overall price of carpet cleaning.  Once again, you should ask specific service providers how they price these services.

i need estimate for water damage wall repair

9. March 2017

If your wall has sustained water damage, you should immediately contact a water damage restoration professional. These professionals will come to your home and inspect the damage to your wall, and provide you with an estimate based on their inspection. You must have this done as soon as possible though because the water damage can spread further on your wall and even cause mold growth.

Some water got under our oak hardwood floor and now there is a musty smell. I really don’t want to tear up the floor. Are there any other options?

24. February 2017

Answered by Eileen Knox

ServiceMaster DAK

It depends on what is under the hardwood.  Sometimes it’s concrete and if so the only way to dry it is to remove the floor because there is usually a plastic moisture barrier on the concrete.  If it is a wood subfloor underneath we can try to dry it with wood floor drying mat systems but there are no guarantees that the hardwood can be saved.  The damage becomes more apparent as the wood floor dries. If there is already cupping (where the floor begins to separate or buckle) the floor will need to be replaced.

Answered by RestorationMaster

This is a tough situation because where there is water damage, there is often mold and a musty smell is a common sign of mold growth.  It is also understandable that you would want to avoid tearing up an oak hardwood floor.  When the water damage occurred, did you call a professional for water damage restoration?  If not, this would be a good place to start without tearing up the floor.  Water damage restoration professionals use advanced drying equipment and dehumidifiers that can extract moisture that has been absorbed without removing the flooring.

The amount of water that got under the floor and the amount of time that passes between the incident and when the water damage restoration occurs has an impact on the extent of the damage.  Excess water spreads rather easily though absorbent building materials and over time it can spread to affect a larger area.  The risk of mold growth also increases over time if the water is allowed to spread.

Talk to a water damage restoration professional immediately if you have not already.  Tell them how much water got under the floor and how much time has passed.  There is a possibility that the musty odor is from the excess moisture and water damage restoration could do the trick.  However, you could be dealing with mold growth if too much time passes between the incident and the restoration.  If you already had professional water damage restoration services done and the smell is still there, there is a good possibility that the smell is from mold.

In this case, have your home tested for mold before tearing up the floor.  A reliable mold removal professional can accurately test homes for mold and this testing can help determine if there is mold growing under your floor.  If there is mold under the floor, the last option before removing the flooring would be to find a mold remediation professional that uses non-invasive mold removal methods.  This mold remediation professional uses a unique mold removal method that is effective without having to remove flooring or drywall.  Unfortunately, very few mold remediation service providers use this type of method.

If there is indeed mold under your hardwood floor, you will most likely have to remove the floor boards to treat the mold.  But there is good news.  The floor boards of a hardwood floor can be effectively treated and reused if they are not heavily damaged by the mold.  Removing the floor boards without damaging them can be difficult which is why you might consider having this done by professionals.  They can also help you determine if the floor boards are in good enough condition to be treated and restored.

The important thing to do is to act fast because water and mold growth will continue to spread the more time they are given.

Do you provide “move out” or “move in” cleaning services?

from Stacy Naus 27. July 2016

Many of the ServiceMaster businesses listed on RMF that provide residential cleaning services will provide “move in” and “move out” cleaning services.  These services are beneficial for several reasons.  When moving out, cleaning the home one last time is a courtesy for the people who are moving in next.  This is also a great time to thoroughly deep clean the home with all of your stuff packed and out of the way.  When moving into a new home, it is wise to have it professionally cleaned so you can start fresh.  A professional cleaning will ensure that any dirt or filth left from the previous owners will be gone.

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