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Pack-Out and Board Up Services for Anaheim, CA

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When a natural disaster causes damage to a home, sometimes the damage can be severe enough to leave the home in a vulnerable or unstable condition.  Fires, floods, severe weather, and accidents can cause extensive structural damage that must be secured immediately to prevent the damage from becoming worse.  ServiceMaster EMT provides board up services to secure heavily damaged homes and buildings in Anaheim, CA as well as pack-out services to clean and restore damaged personal items.  By reacting quickly with these services, we can help prevent permanent damage to your home and your belongings.

Pack-out and Board up Services in Anaheim, CABoard Up Services

If your home has sustained severe structural damage, it is vulnerable to even further damage from vandalism or exposure to the elements.  The best way to help prevent further damage is to secure the home with board up services.  Our technicians are trained to provide board up services to help secure major structural damage, roof damage, and broken doors and windows.  We will use the best materials available to ensure your home is boarded up securely and we can also help you file insurance claims with your provider.  You can expect the following from our board up services:

  • Boarding up of any openings
  • Temporary enclosures
  • Tarping for damaged roofs

Pack-Out Services

In a major disaster, your personal belongings may also sustain damage and if they are not cleaned and restored right away, they can become unsalvageable.  ServiceMaster EMT provides pack-out services in these scenarios to take your damaged belongings to our facility where they can be cleaned and stored while your home is restored to a safe condition.  We will carefully pack up all of your damaged belongings and create an inventory list which we will share with you and your insurance company.  Once at our facility, we can clean and deodorize your damaged content and keep it safely stored until your home is ready for you to take them back.

In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, you should inspect the damage to your home and if your home is left unstable by severe structural damage, you must call for board services.  ServiceMaster EMT can secure damaged homes in Anaheim, CA with emergency board up services and we will also pack-out your damaged personal belongings to clean and restore them at our facility.  You can call us 24 hours a day at (714) 975-8448 for emergency board up services.


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